5th Annual 2017 IPA Challenge

Dwayne from Ecliptic taking the Challenge

Dwayne from Ecliptic taking the Challenge

Starts on New Years Day. Open at noon!

If you don’t already know, January is the month we curate a blind taste test of 12 different IPAs.

Take the blind taste test. Win prizes.

Pick your favorite – the most popular beer gets put on all year round at both Hophouses.

Past winners have been – Breakside IPA, Pallet Jack by Barley Brown. RPM by Boneyard (2 yrs). One year Vortex won by a few votes at 15th Avenue but the overall favorite between the two pubs was still RPM.

This is how the 2017 top 12 Oregon IPAs got chosen –

We talked to Hophouse staff and Hophouse patrons over the past month or two about their favorite IPAs. We balanced the list off between four older stalwarts (past winners and customer picks) and included eight new beers, some produced by large breweries and some by small breweries. Some of the beers were write-ins by our customers on an in-store and online feedback survey we conducted over the last month.

  • Culmination Phaedrus
  • Pfriem IPA
  • Barley Brown Pallet Jack
  • Boneyard RPM
  • Golden Valley Bald Peak
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
  • Ecliptic Orbiter 
  • Breakside IPA (flagship)
  • Coalition Space Fruit
  • Hop Valley Citrus Mistress
  • Rogue Seven
  • Sunriver Vicious Mosquito

2017 6-flight

Drinking Horse Team!

Drinking Horse Team from 2016

Not only do you pick your favorite (blind), but you correspond the beers you think you know with a list, and the best beer tasters win prizes.

Here is how it works:
You’ll get a flight of 6 IPAs, and a separate list of 6 beers.
You try to match the 6 with a list of 6 beers.
Then you get a second flight, and repeat with a second list.
If you get 10-12 matches right, you get a free mug club membership (sweeeeet!!!).
There will be lesser prizes awarded as  the contest progresses.
All lists will be graded on Tuesdays for the prior week.
Cost to enter the contest is $12/person.
Prizes include tshirts, mug club memberships, growlers, gift cards, etc.


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