Belgian Farmhouse Ales on tap now

Rural Brewer Fest Flyer copyCritti and Mac, our illustrious beer buyers, have curated a fine list of seasonal Belgian farmhouse-style beers available at the Hophouses. These beers are all loosely called “saisons” – brewed in a style originally created in the Wallonia/Flanders region in Europe. Saisons were traditionally brewed in the winter and used for spring and summer consumption by farm laborers. The workers drank this nice light but tasty beer when they were harvesting crops in the hot sun. Saisons are typically lower in alcohol, but not lower in taste. These are complex beers, earthy and/or fruity, lots of yeasty aromas, delicious. If you’re looking for a session beer to drink in the sunshine and are bored with pilsners, this may be for you. Here is your chance to try some unique, rare beers made by:

De Gaarde, Little Beast, Culmination, Basecamp, Agrarian Libertine, Logsdon, Urban Family, Modern Times, Crux, Block 15, Wolves & People, Pfriem, and Commons…

Over six years ago, when the Hophouses first opened, a nice unassuming guy named Mike Wright used to show up in his pick-up and wheel in kegs of saison, one at a time. He brewed the beer in his garage down the street. He developed his recipes over time, and you (our customers) drank a lot of his beer, keg by keg, brewed in his one-barrel system. Now of course Mike’s got a ginormous brewery called Commons Brewery, on the inner eastside of Portland. If you haven’t been there, go check it and taste his beer. Not only does he brew a lot of Belgian-style brews, but he recently made an excellent IPA.

And another thing – Mac and I (Leah) recently went to the Wild Ale and Farmhouse Ale Festival up at Saraveza. The best beer new beer I had in a while was brewed by Bend’s “The Ale Apothecary”. That beer was ridiculous. In fact, I can’t even remember the name of the beer. It was barrel-aged. And delicious. If you’ve got time, go by Saraveza or Belmont Station and try to find yourself a bottle of anything they brew. It’s generally only available in bottles in Portland, and we don’t do bottles (hate the glass). I’m plugging them here because I want them to make us a keg!

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