Breakside IPA voted Top Oregon IPA

Breakside Bottle portraitBreakside IPA (their flagship) was voted the top Oregon IPA by Hophouse patrons in a blind taste test during a month-long event within the pubs, for the second year in a row. The IPA Challenge, which took place in January, allowed customers to blind taste-test twelve different beers, attempt to identify them, and vote for their favorite by tap number (not by name). The tap line-up was kept secret, and customers were not told their scores until ballots were graded off-site, and they were not told which beers they had correctly guessed.

In general, the contestants were able to pick out the Breakside beer more easily than the others. The better the contestant (the more they got right) the more likely they were to correctly identify the Breakside beer and choose it as their favorite.

Pfriem Family Brewers over in Hood River have bragging rights as well – their IPA placed a close second. This was somewhat surprising to us because their IPA did not do well in the competition last year. In fact, Pfriem was only included this year as a last-minute diehard customer demand. Our staff thought we would lose customers if Pfriem wasn’t given a second shot at this. Pfriem did well with contestants who did not identify their beers correctly, nor could they identify that they chose Pfriem as their favorite. But they knew what they liked, in terms of taste, as opposed to brand name.


Breakside and Pfriem were well ahead of the pack of other great beers, which included (not in order):

  • Culmination Phaedrus
  • Barley Brown Pallet Jack (2015 winner)
  • Boneyard RPM (2013-2014 winner)
  • Golden Valley Bald Peak
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
  • Ecliptic Orbiter 
  • Coalition Space Fruit
  • Hop Valley Citrus Mistress
  • Rogue Seven
  • Sunriver Vicious Mosquito

Hophouse patrons look forward to us exposing the blind taps and finishing off the IPA kegs, and getting to know what they are actually drinking. Plus they are looking forward to a more diverse selection of beer. Also, if you took the Challenge in the last few days, here’s the key and you’ll be getting your score back soon. If you took it before 1/24, the key is on the left, although you should have already gotten your score (unless spam kicked it back). Scores after 1/25 are on their way, and the key is on the right. We had to swap out a couple taps.


Stay tuned for a Breakside party, date tbd!

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