Breakside Party Thursday 2/25/16 4:00-9:00

beer tasterAs you all know, Breakside handily won our blind taste-test of our top 12 IPAs this year. So we’re celebrating with a party, that includes:

1. If you voted for Breakside (Beer #2 of the twelve choices), you will get a Breakside IPA for $1. We know who you are and will contact you directly.

2. For the next few beers, or if you didn’t vote for Breakside (what’s wrong with you???), Breakside IPAs will be priced at $3 all night.

3. We’re having an 8-Tap Breakside Takeover inside with a lot of new, interesting Breakside beers* that night.

4. Breakside brewers and crew will be on hand to share stories and beers with you all night.

What’s on Tap?

Breakside’s Pathfinder IIPA, Feel Good, Wanderlust, Lunch Break ISA, Wisco Cream Ale, Pilsner, Salted Caramel Stout plus our other 20+ taps of great local beer.

What’s for Dinner?

Smoked fried chicken – wings and thighs. Shrimp scampi skewers. Jojos. Sweet corn. All food is cooked with Breakside beer.

Come out and sit in the sun with us and drink some beer.

Party begins at 4:00. First 50 attendees get some random free swag. No promises yet on what it is – could be tshirts, glassware, advance tokens for Hophouse Ciderfest (!!!! April 2 & 3).

Party is at 15th Avenue location – 1517 NE Brazee. Rain or shine – we may or may not be tenting off part of the parking lot depending on the weather. Either way, we’ll be tapping kegs both inside and out.

So come down and have a beer or two with us this Thursday.

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