Breakside Wanderlust is top Oregon IPA

Thank you for all taking the IPA Challenge, and voting for the top Oregon IPA for 2018 in our massive blind taste test that ran all month in January.

Breakside Wanderlust finished first, and so will be on tap all year at both pubs. Congratulations to them for this, as well as the many recent beer awards. Clearly they make great beers, and Portlanders love them. And they’ve got some pretty great people who work for them. If you’ve been at the Hophouse for a long time, you’ll know that their Breakside flagship IPA finished first twice in the two previous years (before that Pallet Jack and RPM twice). Flat Tail’s Pulp Action was an extremely close second, so kudos to them as well.

We expect to have more news on Breakside’s win moving forward, in terms of an event, awarding prizes, etc., but at this minute we just wanted to let y’all know the winner. 

And, if you wanted to know the tap line-up, look close at the photo. Tap 2 was Breakside, Tap 11 was Flat Tail. Odds are you voted for one of those two beers.

Oh and a shout out to Migration’s Straight Outta Portland, which finished in third place out of the twelve beers.

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