Brewers’ Night with Ninkasi

This upcoming Wednesday, August 22nd, the   Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse will be hosting a brewers’ night featuring Ninkasi. The brewery began in 2006, when Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge brewed the very first batch of the now-legendary Total Domination IPA in Eugene, OR. Ninkasi has become a big name in the Oregon beer community, perhaps rivaling Deschutes and Widmer in renown.

In their own words: “In addition to making and selling locally oriented craft beer, Ninkasi supports all forms of positive community gatherings and non-profit organizations. So far, we have worked to promote sporting events and team sponsorships, musical events and bands, theater and the fine arts, as well as festivals and neighborhood parties.”

Come say hello to Jamie & Co., sample some fine beer, and learn about this brewery staple! Starts on 6 pm.


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