Celebrate International IPA day at the Hophouse

August 6th is International IPA Day and both Hophouses are observing this beeriday by offering discounted pints and mugs of Barely Browns award-winning Pallet Jack IPA to all our loyal customers. Take advantage of this worldwide celebration at your local pub, sipping arguably the best IPA on the globe.


pFreim Brewer’s Night at Fifteenth Ave

dish_drank.widea[1]We’ve got a fun evening coming up this Wednesday, April 17: the peeps from pFriem Brewing will be at Fifteenth Ave from 6-8pm.

In honor of Belgian Beer Week, we’ll have eight of pFriem’s beers on tap: the Wit, Belgian Strong Dark, Blonde IPA, Belgian Strong Blonde, Saison, Belgian Pale Ale, Little Saison, and Super Saison. Get a 6-taster tray and great deals on pFriem beer pours for the night.

pFriem is a relatively new (2012), family-run brewery in Hood River, OR. Their goals for the brewery are to have a business that is interwoven with the family and the community where they live, and to create “a warm, friendly space.” The brews are influenced by the great brewers of Belgium, but rooted in the Pacific Northwest.

Come sample the goods and chat up the brewers!

Widmer Omission IPA Release Party!

At Hawthorne Hophouse on Wednesday, April 3rd, we’ll be celebrating the official release of Widmer’s Omission IPA. From 6-8pm, get Omission beer (we’ll have their pale ale and lager as well), gluten-free appetizers from the Hophouse kitchen, and gluten-free desserts from Tula Bakery. Widmer is picking up the tab for the treats if you get any of the Omissions! And we’ll have more Widmer action at Fifteenth Ave on Tuesday, April 23: come in for a Meet the Brewer night and seasonal beer release party, from 6-8pm. Free tastings and beer specials on all four beers being released! Yes, wrong picture. IPA is so new we don’t even have a picture of the six-pack available. But the Pale Ale is good too!Omission paleale_beer