IIPA Tastings are ongoing …

FullSizeRender_1We’re having double IPA tastings at both pubs for the upcoming week or two.

Why? Because they are delicious!

Hawthorne Hophouse IIPAs

Culmination Elation

Block 15 Sticky Hands

Melvin 2X4

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA


15th Avenue Hophouse IIPAs


Crux Half Hitch

Bear Republic Racer 15

Barley Brown Headshake

Ghost Runner preHoptaine

Burger? Sweet potato fries?


Ummm ….. yum?


Feel like a fancy dinner at 15th Avenue?

We do too.

Chicken Oscar

Chicken breasts topped with crab,

asparagus & béarnaise sauce  16

Chicken Oscar is available this week until it runs out, along with our new seasonal menu:

Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque add half grilled cheese sandwich

Mediterranean Burger 100% lamb burger with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato pickled red onions and tzatziki sauce (note – this is so tasty it is RIDICULOUS)

Meatloaf Sandwich sourdoughwith special sauce, tomato, pickled onions and basil aioli

Irish Lamb Stew Made with leg of lamb, barley and local stout, with a side of bread for soaking up stew

Coho Salmon Fresh Wild Alaskan seasoned coho, seared polenta cakes, green beans coated in herbed lemon-butter wine sauce

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp served warm,  add vanilla ice cream

Breakside Party

Breakside Bottle portrait

Top Oregon IPA 2017

Breakside IPA on tap at Hawthorne this Saturday February 11, 2:00-5:00.

We are celebrating your favorite beer in the month-long blind IPA Challenge. Breakside won, again.

Both their flagship IPA and Wanderlust (yum) will be on tap outside. $3 beers.

If you voted for Breakside as your favorite beer (tap 11 through 1/24, tap 9 after, both pubs) we know who you are, we’ve got a list, and you get a Breakside for a buck, outside beers only, Breakside flagship or Wanderlust.

Come meet Scott, Ben, Fred and the team. Lots of free swag … show up at 2:00 to get it.

Also on tap inside will be Breakside’s Salted Caramel Stout and their new Safe Word Triple IPA, a limited release.

There may or may not be a safe word, that may or may not get you a discount on the IIIPA. Working on that…

with a side of fries

Breakside + 11 other beers with a side of fries

Coalition Tasting of Two Flowers CBD IPA

Coalition Two Flowers LabelYou may have heard that brewers from our neighbor Coalition Brewing have created Two Flowers IPA, which is an IPA infused with CBD oil and hemp juice. It’s gotten a lot of press as of late, and we’re getting it on tap.

Elan, head brewer from Coalition, along with Bill from Half-Baked Labs, will be at Hawthorne for a tasting of this new beer. They will be around to ask questions about the properties of this beer, and tell you everything you want to know about weed and beer but were too afraid to ask. Wednesday 2/8 , 6:00-8:00 PM, Hawthorne location

Sunday $10 Growler Fill Sale


$10 Growler fill sale on Super Bowl Sunday. Come fill up before you start on the nachos.

$10 price applies to most of our beers, including IPAs by:

Pfriem IPA

Ecliptic Orbiter

Culmination Phaedrus

Sunriver Vicious Mosquito

Rogue Farms Seven

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

Breakside flagship IPA

and more!!!

actual beers will vary, in accordance with what time you show up. Open at noon. Don’t forget your lids. And if you bring clean growlers we can fill them faster and get you out the door quicker.


Breakside IPA voted Top Oregon IPA

Breakside Bottle portraitBreakside IPA (their flagship) was voted the top Oregon IPA by Hophouse patrons in a blind taste test during a month-long event within the pubs, for the second year in a row. The IPA Challenge, which took place in January, allowed customers to blind taste-test twelve different beers, attempt to identify them, and vote for their favorite by tap number (not by name). The tap line-up was kept secret, and customers were not told their scores until ballots were graded off-site, and they were not told which beers they had correctly guessed.

In general, the contestants were able to pick out the Breakside beer more easily than the others. The better the contestant (the more they got right) the more likely they were to correctly identify the Breakside beer and choose it as their favorite.

Pfriem Family Brewers over in Hood River have bragging rights as well – their IPA placed a close second. This was somewhat surprising to us because their IPA did not do well in the competition last year. In fact, Pfriem was only included this year as a last-minute diehard customer demand. Our staff thought we would lose customers if Pfriem wasn’t given a second shot at this. Pfriem did well with contestants who did not identify their beers correctly, nor could they identify that they chose Pfriem as their favorite. But they knew what they liked, in terms of taste, as opposed to brand name.


Breakside and Pfriem were well ahead of the pack of other great beers, which included (not in order):

Culmination Phaedrus Barley Brown Pallet Jack (2015 winner) Boneyard RPM (2013-2014 winner) Golden Valley Bald Peak Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ecliptic Orbiter  Coalition Space Fruit Hop Valley Citrus Mistress Rogue Seven Sunriver Vicious Mosquito

Hophouse patrons look forward to us exposing the blind taps and finishing off the IPA kegs, and getting to know what they are actually drinking. Plus they are looking forward to a more diverse selection of beer. Also, if you took the Challenge in the last few days, here’s the key and you’ll be getting your score back soon. If you took it before 1/24, the key is on the left, although you should have already gotten your score (unless spam kicked it back). Scores after 1/25 are on their way, and the key is on the right. We had to swap out a couple taps.


Stay tuned for a Breakside party, date tbd!

5th Annual 2017 IPA Challenge

Dwayne from Ecliptic taking the Challenge

Dwayne from Ecliptic taking the Challenge

Starts on New Years Day. Open at noon!

If you don’t already know, January is the month we curate a blind taste test of 12 different IPAs.

Take the blind taste test. Win prizes.

Pick your favorite – the most popular beer gets put on all year round at both Hophouses.

Past winners have been – Breakside IPA, Pallet Jack by Barley Brown. RPM by Boneyard (2 yrs). One year Vortex won by a few votes at 15th Avenue but the overall favorite between the two pubs was still RPM.

This is how the 2017 top 12 Oregon IPAs got chosen –

We talked to Hophouse staff and Hophouse patrons over the past month or two about their favorite IPAs. We balanced the list off between four older stalwarts (past winners and customer picks) and included eight new beers, some produced by large breweries and some by small breweries. Some of the beers were write-ins by our customers on an in-store and online feedback survey we conducted over the last month.

Culmination Phaedrus Pfriem IPA Barley Brown Pallet Jack Boneyard RPM Golden Valley Bald Peak Deschutes Fresh Squeezed Ecliptic Orbiter  Breakside IPA (flagship) Coalition Space Fruit Hop Valley Citrus Mistress Rogue Seven Sunriver Vicious Mosquito preview-dscf1296

2017 6-flight

Drinking Horse Team!

Drinking Horse Team from 2016

Not only do you pick your favorite (blind), but you correspond the beers you think you know with a list, and the best beer tasters win prizes.

Here is how it works: You’ll get a flight of 6 IPAs, and a separate list of 6 beers. You try to match the 6 with a list of 6 beers. Then you get a second flight, and repeat with a second list. If you get 10-12 matches right, you get a free mug club membership (sweeeeet!!!). There will be lesser prizes awarded as  the contest progresses. All lists will be graded on Tuesdays for the prior week. Cost to enter the contest is $12/person. Prizes include tshirts, mug club memberships, growlers, gift cards, etc.


Gift cards for the holidays

GiftcardTrying to find something for your cranky grampa? Your neighbor? Your best friend?

Holiday gift cards are here!

Now is a good time to stop by for a pint and pick up a quick gift.

Looking forward to IPA month in January, during which we blind taste-test twelve of Oregon’s top IPAs. The most popular beer gets semi-permanent handle for 2017.

So give a friend a gift card, and maybe they’ll invite you to stop by next month with them to drink some IPAs. Each taster tray of 12 beers is $12. Win-Win.


Kids now eat free on Saturdays!

img_1194Back to school special!

Kids now eat free on Saturdays, noon – 10pm. Both locations.

One free kids meal per every purchased adult entree. Kids must be 10 and under. Kids meals are our standard kids meal, with choice of hamburger/chicken/grilled cheese/mac and cheese, fruit and/or veg, milk or juice or soda.

No “to go” orders – kids and adults must be present and at the same table.

No coupon or code needed – just show up with your brood in tow and settle in for a nice meal.