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Hophouse Ciderfest is April 1, an outdoor cider festival held rain or shine in our tented parking lot located at 1517 NE Brazee.

Come meet and talk with all the local cidermakers including a few Oregon cideries that started production within the last year or two. And come taste cider.
This year we’ve got amazing ciders from Ace, 2 Towns, Runcible (new), Incline, New West, Pear Up, Tumalo (new), Portland Cider, Reverend Nat’s, Swift, Doc’s Draft, HiWheel Fizzy Wines, Red Tank, FinnRiver, Schilling, Locust, Bull Run, Wildcraft, Farmhouse, Bauman’s, Woodbox (new), La Familia (new), Baird and Dewar Farmhouse, and more!

Want to buy tickets now?

Advance purchase is $20 and includes a glass and 8 tokens, or $25 for a glass and 16 tokens.



Guess what? We have a list of all the ciders to be poured. They are:

2 Towns Outcider
2 Towns Bad Apple
Ace Joker
Baird/Dewar 2014 Farmhouse
Baumann’s Clyde’s Dry
Baumann’s Stephen’s Sweet
Bull Run Trespass Apple
CiderRiot! Everyday Semi-Dry
FinnRiver Apple Abbey
Locust Sweet Aged Apple
Red Tank Roughneck
Runcible Light of the Moon
Swift Wholesome
WildCraft Wild Rose
Woodbox Americana
Woodbox Heritage 8
Woodbox Pippin
W. Aengus Bloom
W. Aengus Bittersweet
New West Ginger Cider
CiderRiot! Rings of Fire
Pear Up Ginger Pear
Rev Nat’s Deliverance
Tumalo Ginger Barrel
2 Towns Cherried Away
Baird/Dewar Sour Kreik Cherry
Locust Dark Cherry
Red Tank Chops! (apl/chry/hop)
Rev Nat’s Sacrilege
Runcible Cherry Twang
Swift O’Dell All Sour Cherry
WildCraft Pinot Brl Aged Cherry
Baumann’s Winterberry Peach
Doc’s Draft Framboise
Incline Scout Marionberry
New West Black & Blue Cider
Swift Marionberry
Tumalo Farmhouse Raspberry
Ace Blood Orange
Ace Pineapple
Baumann’s Orange Blossom
Portland Pineapple
Portland Mojito
Rev Nat’s New Moon Mandarin
Schilling Passionfruit/Pineapple
Schilling Grapefruit & Chill
Swift Pineapple Dank Hop
Ace Perry
Anthem Anthem Pear
Bull Run Laughing Water Perry
Pear Up Pear Essentials
Pear Up Watermelon Pear
Pear Up Raspeary
2 Towns Flight of the Kiwi
Anthem Rye Barrel Aged
Doc’s Draft Peach
FinnRiver Habañero Cider
HiWheel Death Wish Bunny
HiWheel Blackberry Habañero
HiWheel Ginger Lemon
Incline Legend Lemongrass
Portland Sangria
Portland Passionfruit
Rev Nat’s Hopland (hopped)
La Familia Jamaica (hibiscus)
La Familia Tamarindo
Woodbox Double Barrel Aged