Hophouse photo contest



Send us your pics!

Of you in your Hophouse shirt, you at the Ciderfest (yea!), or you just looking really awesome drinking a beer at the Hophouse. Or many beers. Whatever.

Email us the photos at hophousecentral@gmail.com. We’ll pick our favorites, top ten photo submissions get shirts, top photo taker gets a hoodie and tickets to the next Timbers match. Good tickets. Uncovered, but you’re an Oregonian, right?

Also, for the second half of April, we’ve got a huge selection of Belgians at Fifteenth Avenue – mostly Pfriem, some of it’s pretty rare. So if you love the Belgians, please stop by. Flights are discounted for these beers, all days, until they run out. Even if you think you don’t like Belgians, or are on the fence, this is a good time to try a bunch of them for cheap – 6-flight for six bucks.

By sending us your photos, you’re agreeing to let us use it (but not names or personal info) for marketing purposes.

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