It’s National IPA Day 8/3/17!


Here at the Hophouse, we’ve got copious IPAs on tap, and we’re delighted to be selling them all for $3/pour. Most of the beers will be served in true 16 oz pints, a few specialty beers will be served in 12 oz tulips or snifters, and all are priced at $3/pour.

Some IPAs will also have growler fills for $10.

Want to know what’s on tap?

El Segundo White Dog IPA (Wheat IPA), Big Sky Shake-A-Day, Ground Breaker IPA, Modern Times Booming Rollers, Breakside (of course), Natian Everyday Organic IPA, Full Sail Hop Shooter, Golden Valley Bald Peak IPA, Saint Archer Citra 7, and more!

Or you can check out our current taplist at each pub (above)

Stay cool, Portland. Drink water (and beer). And have dinner while you’re at it.

Photo - 15th Avenue Hophouse close-up food on patio


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