Mug Club Membership


We are now launching our new Mug Club program for our regulars. We changed a couple of things that we think will make it better.  Mug Club membership costs $50/year, and with that you get the following:

  • Discounted Beer:

All beer is served in the 18-ounce mug glasses and the price is the same as a 12-ounce pour. For example, Pallet Jack would cost you a mere  $4.50 for the Mug Club glass.

  • Happy Hour Menu:
  • Mug Club members now get Happy Hour food menu and prices, all hours, all days. We have a new Happy Hour menu with even more options. This inexpensive limited menu makes it possible for you to stop in and get a bite and a beer at any hour. Which is nice during dinner if you’re not that hungry – you can just get a grilled chicken cheddar sandwich for $6 or a side of our fresh-cut fries for $4. Plus a beer or two, of course.
  • New Mug Club Cards:

    Mug Club members get new cards with slots for 132 local beers and ciders (used to be only 100 in 2011  but there’s a new brewery on every block now). Every time you get a beer from a particular brewery, you get a punch in that slot. The more punches, the more rewards:

    • 25 punches, free growler fill;
    • 50 punches, free growler fill and a Hophouse Tshirt of your choice;
    • 75 punches, $30 gift card to use at either location;
    • 100 punches, all of our respect, bragging rights, plus Lifetime Membership which means you don’t have to pay annual cost.

    It will now be easier to get the 100 punches for the Lifetime Membership, because there are more beers (and ciders). So it’s easier to qualify.

    And, it’s got nifty QR codes, so you can scan the cards with your phone to see which pub has which beer on tap, in order to get the card finished more easily. Taplists should be updated daily.

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