Oregon IPA Challenge

If you’re in the pub and taking the IPA Challenge, make sure you have a unique code ready and click HERE.

If you’re not in the pub and want to take the Challenge, here is what is up…

We (and our customers) chose 12 top Oregon IPAs. We have a blind test, where you can come in and try to identify each beer and match to a list. Get six or more right and win prizes, like hoodies, shirts, growlers, gift cards, etc. And pick your favorite of the twelve (blind) and that beer will be our only permanent tap at both Hophouses for the entirety of 2018. Past winners include RPM, Vortex, Pallet Jack and Breakside. This is our seventh annual Challenge, and goes on the entire month of January 2018.

You’ll take the Challenge in the pub, get your results instantly, and either hide in shame or have bragging rights for years to come.

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