Get ready, beer lovers! Hawthorne Hophouse and Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse are teaming up with the also-locally-owned The Zythos Project (creator and manufacturer of the stainless steel growler Bräuler) for the first large-scale beer tasting contest in Portland: PDX BEER BRÄUL. For PDX beer week, June 6-16th, you’ll have the chance to show off your beer knowledge prowess in a blind tasting competition, featuring beers from the following Portland breweries: Migration, HUB, Occidental, Laurelwood, Base Camp, Lompoc, Commons, Upright, Gigantic, Burnside, Natian, and Amnesia.
For ten bucks, you can sign up for this competition, by yourself or with a cohort, and see how well you know your Portland beers. Here’s how it works: participants will get two flights of six beers (one from each of the aforementioned breweries), unmarked; the first flight will be paler beers, the second darker beers. Each six-flight will have a corresponding list, and you’ll have to match each of the six beers to a particular brewery/beer. Participants will have one flight at a time in order to maintain cool temperature of the beer, and to increase accuracy. We tried a version of this at our employee Christmas party, and believe me: it’s not as easy as you’d think!
In order to maintain a level playing field, both pubs will have the same line-up for the duration of PDX Beer Week. Sign up at either one! At both Hophouses, on Tuesday, June 11th, the price for entry will be half-off, $5. And remember, teams can consist of yourself or you and one other person. We will collect the ballots/flight sheets during the ten days, and then tabulate them the week after. We will announce the results on Monday, June 24th, and host a final taste-off competition on July 1st for the top twenty or so individuals/teams at the Hawthorne Hophouse, 6-8pm. Participation for this top-tier event will be free, and finalists will get to participate in a deciding 12-flight round. In the event that there are more than twenty perfect scores, all of these beer connoisseurs will be allowed to compete at the final level.
The Grand Prize winner will not only receive bragging rights, but also a Hophouse Lifetime Mug Club Membership, a Hophouse hoodie, and a “2013 Beer Bräul Champion” engraved Bräuler. The next top five finishers will also receive Bräulers, t-shirts, and gift certificates for growler fills.
Come see if you have what it takes to be a Portland beer champ!



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