Summer is on its way

and we have lots of good new spring beer on tap. Try Fruhlingweisse, a nice wheat beer from Portland’s Rosenstadt Brewery; Acoustic Ale’s Strawberry Blonde which is a nice pinkish blonde with a hint of berries, or a Pils, the classic pilsener from McMinnville’s Heater Allen, which is still rated one of the top beers in the world. Any of these beers will pair well with our new spring menu, which features sesame seed ahi, a new loaded falafel salad, or if you’ve got the munchies, chili lime pork rinds.

Want to go on a short road trip? There is a new brewery that just opened which makes some excellent farmhouse ales over on the edge of Yamhill County on the other side of Sherwood. The brewery is housed in an historic building in a hazelnut orchard. The brewery is called Wolves and People – go southwest on 99 until you hit Rex Hill vineyards on the way into Newberg, then take a right on Benjamin. It’s only open Saturdays 2-8, no kids allowed, there may or may not be a food truck around. Here are some pics from their recent opening:



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